Tuition Fees

An invoice will be emailed after registration has taken place and is due on or before the start of your first class.

Class passes are valid for 45 days or for the number of classes selected (4 classes or 8 classes), whichever comes first.

Class passes are not transferrable to a different class or another child.

Sickness & Absences

If you, your child, or a household member is ill, please keep your child at home for your child's own safety and the safety of others.

Should the teacher need to cancel, a class will be made up.

In the event future classes are interrupted (closed) by state or local mandates, a virtual option will be provided.

Please note that fees for missed classes will not be refunded.

Loss or Injury

Piccolo Tirana is not responsible for any loss or injury incurred while participating in the program.

Submission of an online registration acknowledges that Piccolo Tirana is released from all liability, including, but not limited to liability resulting from anyone’s negligence. Electronic registration also constitutes acknowledgement that the parent or care-giver agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Piccolo Tirana from any liability, costs or claims, related either directly or indirectly to participation in a Piccolo Tirana program, including legal or medical expenses incurred for the participant’s benefit.​

Grownup Responsibilities

Classes are active, so please wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.

Please be on time! The studio will open to families 10 min prior to start of class.

No shoes permitted on studio floors. Toddlers will want to be barefoot to avoid slips on dance studio floor.

Please leave drinks, snacks, toys, pacifiers in your car so your child is free to explore the instruments and mouth is free to sing and communicate.

Feel free to attend to your child's needs. Their comfort is important. If your child cries or tantrums, quietly take them out of the room and help them to calm down before joining the class again.

Because you are your child's most important teacher, please be engaged in each lesson yourself and model for your child. Even if they appear to not be paying attention, learning is happening and your attitude and example are very important.

Invite your child to participate, but never force them to. They will join in when they are ready.

Please resist the urge to talk or provide a commentary on what is happening to your child during song or activity time. This allows them to focus on the activity presented and helps others to focus as well. It also shows your child that the activity is not 'background" noise and that you take an interest in what is happening.

Keep your cell phone out of sight and on mute during lessons. Be present and mindful and enjoy this time with your child. A time for taking pictures will be provided at various classes where we can all enjoy taking pictures.

Please socialize and visit before or after class, but not during class. This shows respect to the teacher and lets your child know that this time with them is important to you.

If you have questions or concerns, please save them for after the lesson or send us an email or leave a quick message on the phone and we will return it as soon as we are able. Thank you!

And most of all: relax and enjoy this time together with your child! This is not about who has the best voice, or can recite the most poetry or play the sticks in time- this is about enjoying music together and growing in relationship with your child. So sit back and come to the level of the wonder of the child!